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How It Works

By getting your e-tickets through our partner website, you could enjoy bespoke cocktails from partner bars with your own QR code.

All our partner bars will will be serving a special menu with 3 special cocktails being served for all the festival ticket holders. Each ticket comes with 10 or 20 e-tokens stored in the QR code of the ticket. You could redeem 1 cocktail with 3-6 e-tokens depending on the cocktail by presenting the QR code for bars to scan.

If you are running out of e-tokens, no worry, you could top up the tokens in your QR code online, anywhere, anytime, immediately through our online TOP UP system. We have also prepared a special gift for you to redeem at our pop-up store in K11 Art Mall.




Food & Drink

Enjoy Cocktails & Snacks at the Bar!

Your could enjoy cocktails from HK Cocktail Weeks as well as snacks at your favourite bars. Check out the bar list and crave for your cocktails from around 25 bars in town.


9 Nov – 5 Dec 2021

Bar Hopper Pass

HK$380 (Original HK$420)

including 10 Tokens, 1 x Special Cocktail Glass



Bar Runner Pass

HK$680 (Original HK$760)

including 20 Tokens, 1 x Special Cocktail Glass, 1 x 5cl Jack Daniel’s Miniature

Top Up

HK$30 per Token


For the first edition of HK Cocktail Weeks, you may be wondering how it works for you. Here are some common questions…

Where should I choose to pick up my goodie bag when getting my ticket?

Check out our bar list first and pick your favourite bar or explore some new places.

Could I buy tickets for my friends?

Sure, there will be individual QR code for each ticket, so you could give any of the extra QR codes to your friends as a gift.

How do I get my goodie bag?

When you arrive at our partner bar, present your e-ticket with the QR code. The bar will scan your QR code to activate your QR code and give you the goodie bag.

Could I use the QR code in other bars?

Yes. You could use the same pass and QR code in bars on our bar list and enjoy different cocktails by our top mixologists.

How do I check token balance or top up my QR code?

Just go here to either scan your ticket with your phone, or input the QR code number to check token balance or to top up your QR code. Each token only cost you HK$30.

How long would my QR code be valid?

The HK Cocktail Weeks will last for from 9 November to 5 December 2021. You could use the cocktail tokens stored in the QR code anytime, anywhere within the period.

Could I use the QR code to redeem other drinks or snacks?

No. The Cocktail Tokens are only valid for redeeming cocktails on the Special Menu of HK Cocktail Weeks. You could check out the cocktails of each bar in the bar list here.

My QR code is not working?

Please make sure you have show your QR code clearly especially if you show on phone. The bar would asist you scanning your QR code to validate.