The First Edition in Hong Kong

Plan Your Evening With HK Cocktail Weeks

Hop Around to Save Our Bars

All our partner bars will be serving a special menu with special cocktails at HK$80 each for all the festival ticket holders. Each ticket comes with 3 or 5 e-tokens stored in the QR code of the ticket. You could redeem 1 cocktail on the HK Cocktail Weeks special menu with 1 e-token by presenting the QR code to the bars to scan.

If you are running out of e-tokens, no worry, you could top up the tokens in your QR code online here, anywhere, anytime, immediately through our online top up system. We have also prepared a special goodie bag for your first turning up at your favourite bar, and activate your QR code to receive the goodie bag onsite. After that you could start your bar hopping journey.

The Best Cocktails By

Award Winning Mixologists

General Information

Get Your Ticket online and use the QR code to redeem and top up to enjoy cocktails from our partner bars in town.


9 Nov – 10 Dec 2020

Bar Hopper Pass

HK$298 (Original HK$358)

including 3 Cocktail Tokens and 1 Goodie Bag

Bar Runner Pass

HK$458 (Original HK$548)

including 5 Cocktail Tokens and 1 Goodie Bag

Top Up

HK$80 per Cocktail Token 

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Special Events

To be Announced…

We are gathering the top mixologists to celebrate the first edition of HK Cocktail Weeks. 

Important Notice!

Don’t Rush, HK Cocktail Weeks 2020 will resume in January 2021

With the recent rise of confirmed COVID-19 cases, many of our beloved bars & restaurant’s bars are closed in response to the latest prevention & disease control measures announced by the government. 

We know that many of you still have some tokens on hands and save them for your favorite bars. Don’t rush, HK Cocktail Weeks will resume in January 2021 and you can still visit and support the bars very soon! 

Latest updates, bar list and campaign period will be announced in this website. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram  

Stay safe and enjoy more cocktails soon!

5 January 2021






Stay safe,之後再盡享城中人氣雞尾酒!